Beard Transplant Turkey

Beard transplant has become widely popular as a result of the success in hair transplant procedures. Beard Transplant details, cost, reviews from other patients who performed Beard Transplant surgery in Turkey before and results.

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Beard Transplant Turkey

Beard Transplant

Beard plays a big role in men’s appearance. It has become widely popular as a result of the success in hair transplant procedures. It can be performed in order to increase the density of a patchy beard, or to provide a full beard.

There may be numerous reasons of not having beard such as genetics, physical traumas, scars or burning. For these problems, beard transplant is a permanent solution.

How is beard transplant performed?

The medical protocol is the same as a hair transplant procedure. Certain amount of follicles are extracted from your donor area (area between your ears, also called occipital) and they are implanted into the pre-designed beard or mustache area. FUE method is utilized which consists of extraction and implantation of the follicles one by one. The hair in the back of the head resembles to the beard, which provides a successful natural result.

The incision (canal) part of the procedure is very important. The incisions are made in an angle and direction that imitates the original beard, so the patient can have a natural looking beard.

The number of grafts depends on your actual condition. If you have a patchy beard that needs to be denser, around 1000-1500 grafts may be enough, on the other hand in order to provide a full beard one can need around 4000-5000 grafts.

How is the process after a beard transplant?

It is pretty much the same as a hair transplant. There are a few important steps to follow. You should avoid facial expressions for 3 days and try to consume liquid or soft foods in order to protect the newly implanted grafts. It is also very important to sleep on your back, so the grafts are not dislodged.

Another important thing is the special washing regimen of your beard for 10 days, which will be explained to you with all its details by our medical team.

It is not recommended to cut or trim the implanted beard during the healing process, as it can create damage. Usually this process takes 3 to 6 months, but do not hesitate to contact with your doctor to have her idea if you want to shave or trim your beard. If you follow the important steps for aftercare, you can easily have a successful result.

Beard Transplant Cost

Cost of Beard Transplant operation depending on various factors. Such as the beard transplant techniques (FUE, DHI), the experience of the doctor who will perform the Beard Transplant operation, and the hospital equipment.


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